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1. 2012 Young Adult Fertility and Sexuality Study (YAFS 4) Data Collection in 5 Regions of the Philippines PCHRD
2. A Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Firework-Related Injuries in the Philippines Using Disability-Adjusted Life-Years (DALYs) PCHRD


A Process Evaluation of KP Implementation at the National Level PCHRD
4. Alcohol Consumption in Metro Manila Colleges and Universities PCHRD
5. An Assessment of State of Urban Health in Selected Regions in the Philippines PCHRD
6. An Assessment of the Procurement Process of Selected Centers for Health Development and DOH Retained Hospitals in Compliance to the National Procurement Law (RA 9184) PCHRD
7. An Evaluation of the Medical Pool Placement and Utilization Program (Med Pool PUP) of the Philippine DOH PCHRD
8. Analysis of Barriers to TB Diagnosis Among The Urban Poor PIDS
9. Analysis of Catastrophic Funds by Key Institutions PIDS
10. Analysis of Coverage of IPP PIDS
11. Analysis of coverage of Regular Program PIDS
12. Analysis of the Current Level of Participation of Private Health Facilities In TB DOTS PIDS 
13. Analysis of the Maintenance and Depreciation Cost and Requirements of Retained and LGU Hospitals PIDS 
14. Assessment of the Extent of Implementation of Standards and Procedures for Water Safety in the Philippines PCHRD
15. Assessment of the Interest of Retained Hospitals And Large LGU Hospitals To Be Turned Into GOCCs PIDS 
16. Baseline Profile on the Children's Environmental Health in the Philippines PCHRD
17. Baseline Research Study on the Occupational Diseases among Workers in Healthcare Facilities and DOH Offices PCHRD
18. Basic Life Support Training and Outcome Assessment PCHRD
19. Climate Change Impact on Human Health, Water and Food Security PCHRD
20. Community Health Teams A Year After: An Assessment on the Status of Implementation PCHRD
21. Determination of the Nutrient Composition and Acceptability of Ten to Fifteen Popular Street Foods within the Vicinity of Selected Members of South Manila Inter-Institutional Consortium (SMIIC) Schools PCHRD
22. Determining the Types and Characteristics of Different Community-Based Health Insurance Schemes in the Philippines PCHRD
23. Development of the Environmental Hazard Mapping for Toxic Substances PCHRD
24. Devolution Effects and Impact on Health Delivery System in Selected Area PCHRD
25. Establishing the Minimum Requirements of Human Resources for Health in the Philippines PCHRD
26. Estimation of Catastrophic Payments of Households From FIES 2012 PIDS
27. Evaluation of Dietary Service in Selected Hospitals in the Philippines PCHRD
28. Evaluation of PhilHealth CARES Program PIDS
29. Evaluation of the 2012 Health Systems Research Management Process PIDS
30. Evaluation of the Functionality of the Health Care Delivery Referral System PCHRD
31. Evaluation of the Implementation and Outcomes of Project RN Heals Batch 4 (Registered Nurse for Helath Advancement and Local Service) in Enhancing Competencies and Employability of Entry-Level as Input to Policy and Programmatice Directions for Sustainability PCHRD
32. Feability Assessment of 2 Retained And 2 LGU Hospitals Interested in Being Turned Into GOCCs PIDS 
33. Feasibility Assessment of Minor And Major PPP Options PIDS 
34. Feasibility of Contracting Out Hospital Pharmacies in DOH Medical Centers/Regional Hospitals PCHRD
35. Feasibility of Supplemental Funds from the Private Sector for Catastrophic Illness Financing PIDS
36. Formative Evaluation of the DOH's Complete Treatment Package (Compack) Program PIDS
37. Geographically Isolated and Disadvantaged Areas PCHRD
38. Health Needs and Accessibility in Conflict and Disaster Areas Towards Developing a Health Service Package for Internally  Displaced Population PCHRD
39. Human  Resource  for  Health  (HRH)  Distribution  and Policy  Impacts  of the  Doctors  to  the  Barrios (DTTB)  Program:  A Formative  Evaluation PCHRD
40. Identification of Existing PPP Practices And Opetions In The Health Sector PIDS 
41. Impact Evaluation and Monitoring of the Cheaper Medicines Act of 2008 PCHRD
42. Impact Evaluation of the Expanded Senior Citizens Act of 2010 (RA 9994) on Drug Accessibility Among the Elderly PCHRD
43. Implementation of the 2013 IHBSS for Males-Who-Have-Sex-With-Males and Male Entertainment Establishment Workers in Sentinel Sites of the Philippines PCHRD
44. Improvement and Standardization of Public Health Surveys in the Philippines PCHRD
45. Indigenous Knowledge and Practices on Community Maternal and Child Health of Selected Aeta Communities in Cagayan and Isabela PCHRD
46. Indoor Air Quality, Airborne Infection and Ventilation:  Exposure Assessment of Hospital Pay and Charity Wards of the Philippine General Hospital PCHRD
47. Insight From Around the Globe:  Enabling Conditions for Financing Catastrophic Disease in Selected Countries PIDS
48. Life Long Health and Well-Being Program(s): All Inclusive Care for the Elderly in Philippines using Holistic Approach   PCHRD
49. Operational Recommendations on Improving the Current Case-Based Payment PIDS
50. Operations Research on Dengue Control Interventions in Selected Communities in the Philippines PCHRD
51. Patient Satisfaction in Philippine Healthcare Institutions (Level IV DOH Hospitals ) Phase 1 and 2 PCHRD
52. Performance Management System (WFP ANALYSIS) PCHRD
53. PNDF - A Nationwide Assessment of Its Two Decades of Implementation and Impact in the Public Health Sector PCHRD
54. Projected Impact of Mutual Recognition Agreements on the Philippine Health Care System PCHRD
55. Promotion of Healthy Alternatives to Commonly Consumed Fast Food Dishes for the Prevention of Non-Communicable Disease (NCDs) PCHRD
56. Reconnaissance Study on the Implementation of Case-Based Payments PIDS
57. Review of Existing Draft Legislation on SHI/NHIP and Current PHIC Law PIDS
58. Review of Experience of SHI in 3 Asian Countries PIDS
59. Status of Dementia Care Services and Workforce in the Philippines PCHRD
60. Study of TB Among Patients With Diabetes Mellitus PIDS
61. Study on Ratio of Physicians and Nurses to the Existing Number of Patient's Bed in Government and Private Owned Hospitals in the Philippines PCHRD
62. Study To Support Improvement of the Philippine National Health Accounts (PNHA):  Update on Expenditures for Employer-Provided Health Care and Private Schools Health Services PIDS
63. Technical Assistance for Resource Center for Health Systems Development (RCHSD) PIDS
64. The Impact of The Cheaper Medicines Act (CMA) On Households in Metro Manila:  A Qualitative Study PIDS
65. The Prevalence of Philippine Prescribing, Dispensing and Use Behavior In Relation to Generic Drugs and Risk Factors PIDS
66. The Sponsored Indigent Program of the Philippine National Health Insurance - Analyses of the Actual Coverage and Variations Across Regions and Provinces PIDS
67. UHC/KP Program Impact for Q1 PIDS
68. UHC/KP Program Impact for Q2 PIDS



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