Resource Center for Health System Development


The Resource Center for Health Systems Development (RCHSD) is the DOH’s physical and virtual repository of knowledge products on health sector reform. Its long term goal is to provide/make available relevant, appropriate and timely information through multi-media resources for better policy and decision making options. The center is open to all health researchers, the academe, private sector, other government agencies, NGOs, media and international partners in health.


The vision of the RLC and the RCHSD portal is to be the internationally recognized as a leading facilitator, broker and multi-media resource provider on the latest knowledge and information on health sector reforms.


The RLC is committed to influence policy makers and the general public by making access to available state-of-the-art and up-to-date information and resources on health sector reforms.


  • To provide a knowledge base for acquiring, defining and disseminating information/guidance on health sector reforms
  • To facilitate and provide a venue for policy discussions and information exchange for continuing education and learning on health sector reforms
  • To profile and pool trained experts for knowledge exchange or developmental undertakings in the field of health sector reforms
  • To facilitate the development and maintenance of the communities of practice in health sector reforms.



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